IRS Scandal

By Austin Ray


In recent news, the IRS became under investigation for targeting tax exemption to different political groups and names. Reports stated that the IRS targeted conservative group , the “Tea Party” causing tax increase within the group which led to uproar in the House Oversight Committee. The alleged exemption was towards nonprofit organizations from having to pay federal income tax.


How to be Smart about Smartphone Security

By Lafawn Skipper & Caroline Malone


From texts to your mom to important business documents, our whole lives are now on our phones and securing your personal information is more important than ever. Smartphone theft of both the physical phones and the data contained on them is a rapidly spreading crime you need to be very aware of and know how to prevent.


The Magic of Using the Magic Band

By Elizabeth Haynes & Jeremy Woodfin


The multi-billion dollar company has done it again and made many park goers’ dreams come true. Disney, for the latter part of the century, has been working on a better way for customers to enjoy their stay at parks, hotels, and resorts. After lots of research and millions of dollars spent, Disney has come up with the new MagicBand.


The Real Story of Online Holiday Shopping

By Alicia Lux


With the holidays coming up soon such as Hanukah, Christmas, and Kwanza, gift giving is going to be on the front of our brains and adding to the looming pressure of upcoming exams. I personally have many birthdays and anniversaries in my immediate family quickly sweeping in. With full schedules and shortened days, it leaves us with less time to leave the house to peruse the shelves of local department stores. It becomes easier to find the perfect gift with the touch of our fingers elegantly dancing across the touch screened devices while waiting for the next class or shift to start. What is the easiest and fastest way to whittle down the gift list? Online shopping of course! Amazon, Ebay, and Zulily are flooded with shoppers as the clock winds down ticking towards the craziness of gift giving bliss. I do not want to go broke on gift giving, so I want to get the most for my money.


Glide into a new wave of Video Texting

By Nikesha Harris


Unable to FaceTime, Hangout, or Snap Chat?  No problem. Whether you’re an iPhone or Android user there is a new form of video texting that complements any user with a switch view camera. This new software app called Glide.


Cybersecurity Begins with the User

By Joshua Harkins & Tyler Blythe


Sensitive data is often compromised by cyberattacks on computers.  These attacks are often a result of malware — malicious software that attempts to gain access to a computer system with the purpose of tracking or gathering sensitive information or disrupting computer operations.  Computer viruses (payloads) and spyware are two primary types of malware. The protection of sensitive data is the responsibility of a computer user, and as such, good cybersecurity begins with the user.


All You Need To Do Is Speak

By Bethany LeSuer & Danielle Long


Have you ever had a great idea pop into your head but you were not able to write it down? These thoughts do not always come back to you later, but now you can dictate into your smart phone by using a voice memo app.


The Social Revolution

By Karla Judy


An Egyptian man names daughter “Facebook!” Twitter usage exceeds 250,000 during the Ukrainian protests. People all around the world are using social media for more than personal networking. These days a simple tweet can start a revolution. From Arab coups, to Occupy Wall Street or the tea party movement, individuals are finding their voices and spreading information through these free tools. In the Ukraine, citizens used social media to organize protests. Ironically, police used the same media to protect the public when things became violent. Greg Satell at says “the playing  field has been leveled”. Before social media, large conglomerates or governments controlled communications. Now the populace has the ability to author and control more information and Governments are paying attention.


Free Stuff, Free Gas, Free Convenience?

By Spencer Curry & Kegan Ham


How much do you pay for gas? It’s outrageous, right? Wouldn’t you love a solution that saves you money? Well, as cost-conscious student, we have found one at MAPCO. We are sure you’ve heard about them, but you might not realize the benefits they offer. We hope that this post will enlighten you on the subject.


Digital Footprint

By Bobby Smith & Kevin Keenan


Let’s just take a minute and think about the countless times we use the internet each day. The reason may differ:  paying bill, social media, shopping, or reading the news.   As we do those things, we leave information about ourselves in the cyber world, this is known as a digital footprint. If you are not aware of your digital foot, you should be.